Violett for PC Review

Violett is a new 2.5 dimension point-and-click adventure game from Forever Entertainment. This game comes across as a an Alice in Wonderland story set in a gaming environment similar to the Tiny Bang Story.

Your job, as you make your way through this spooky world, is to get Violett back to her family. To do this, you will need to solve numerous complex puzzles, collect inventory, and fight the evil spider queen that wants to keep you as her own.

Game play is fairly straightforward, but the puzzle solutions are far from simple. Elements of each scene can be used to your advantage through Violett's power of telekinesis. Yes, she can move things with her mind, but not all things. You will occasionally need to walk the character over to an object and interact with it directly.

Perhaps my favorite element of this game is the soundtrack. The music score matches the atmosphere of the game perfectly.

Violett for PC is a fun experience, especially if you enjoy solving puzzles and taking in the artistic elements it delivers. You're not going to find a whole lot of action here, though. It's aimed at the more casual gaming market.

You can pick up Violett for PC from Steam for Windows, OS X, and Linux.