The Stanley Parable Review

The Stanley Parable is an indie first-person explorer game by Galactic Cafe. It is available for Windows and OS X, and features Stanley, an office worker with a very mind-numbingly boring job.

In the Stanley Parable, you play Stanley. Everyone in the office has suddenly vanished, including the boss. It's your job to make your way through the office and... well, the actual goal of the game isn't quite clear.

You can "beat the game" in about five minutes by finding your way outside, or you can explore a seemingly endless set of scenarios that turn an otherwise static office environment into a maze with constantly shifting directions.

You are joined on your adventure by a narrator that tries very hard to tell you what to do. You can choose to ignore him and take a different route, but you may regret that decision. Then again, you might not.

The Stanley Parable deceivingly entertaining. What looks like another boring explorer game is actually an insightful look into the mind of a cubicle dweller.