The Novelist for PC Review

The Novelist is an indie game currently available for Windows and OS X. In the Novelist, you play a ghost living with a family that escaped to a remote location in order to better their lives. This family has some issues to work through, and they've moved in to this house to get away from their old troubles.

The father is a novelist, and it's your job to help him write a successful novel without falling into the trap of being an absentee husband, or negligent father. You achieve this by listening to the thoughts of the family members, exploring the house for insight into their problems, and forming a resolution in order to better this family's lives.

You have plenty of challenges ahead of you. You can't be seen by the family members, or you'll spook them and make it harder to do your job. Likewise, the resolutions you come up with might not be helpful to everyone in the family. With each chapter, you have to find a balance that makes the father, mother, and son happier.

The game is beautiful. Its animation style is a perfect match for the dramatic story unfolding before you. Each set of issues is set in a chapter, so it's easy to play casually, devoting about 15-20 minutes to each chapter.

I enjoyed the ambience created by the music, voice acting, and graphic elements of the Novelist. This isn't going to be your first choice if you're looking for something exciting to play, but it's definitely a title worth looking into if you enjoy playing games with a more adult, realistic storyline.