Dementium II HD for Windows Review

Dementium II HD is a recently-ported game from Nintendo DS to Windows that is coming soon to OS X.

In this game, you play William Redmoor, a troubled mental patient that recently underwent brain surgery. After waking from five weeks of unconsciousness following the procedure, you are immediately placed back in your cell to resume recovery. Even though you are assured by the nurse that you were going to be just fine, your nightmares quickly return. 

You job is to fight through hordes of ghastly monsters and stop the mad doctor behind it all. Is this just a delusion brought on by your psychosis, or a rift into hell opened during your surgery?

Game play was standard to what you might find in any other first-person shooter out there. The graphics, however, are far from optimal for the platform. This game was originally designed for the Nintendo DS, and while there have been some improvements made to match PC gaming standards, it still plays like a game built in the early 2000s. 

Dementium II HD brings back fond memories of the Doom series. It accomplishes its goals of being fairly horrific and troubling, but at the cost of a compelling storyline. It would appear that this game was designed to be scary for the sake of being scary, rather than bringing much to the table in terms of unique, detailed story.

Still, if you like insane asylums, hell-spawned creatures, and games that are made for an adult audience, then Dementium II HD might well be worth the cost of admission.