Blade Symphony for PC (Early Release) Review

Blade Symphony is a slash-em-up fighter game from Puny Human Games. It's currently available on Steam as an Early Access game, and is only available for Windows. 

There is a lot about Blade Symphony that reminds me of an older game called Rune, which is a cool thing to see on the PC as the genre seems to exist almost exclusively on console systems.

What makes Blade Symphony unique is that it is all about swords. You can choose from five different sword types, including: Katana, Longsword, Foil, Scimitar, and the Jian.

Within these sword types, you can freely switch between fast, balanced, or heavy styles during combat in order to better match your opponent's tactics. While I personally favor the heavy style for its ability to overpower opponent blocks, a player favoring a faster style can do a lot of damage in the time it takes me to make a single swing.

You can opt to play on a server that allows one duel to occur at a time, putting you in a queue to face the winner of the previous bout, or you can play on a free-for-all server where everyone is fighting at once. Within a free-for-all server, you can challenge individual players to a one-on-one duel, allowing you two to fight without outside interference.

I really like Blade Symphony for its promise, though because it is an Early Release game, there are still quite a few minor bugs to work out. If it turns out anywhere near as polished as Rune was, it could be the next big cult classic in melee combat games.